How the Site Works

The Channel Epson website has been designed as the main communications and product information vehicle between Epson and its Channel members. To find out more about how the Channel works, click the links below.

Stay Online & Informed

What information is available on Channel Epson?

Epson will be using the Channel Epson site as its primary source to communicate up-to-date product information. This will include product bulletins, price lists, brochures, high-res images and catalogue copy. Epson will also email Channel members when this information has been updated.

Channel Epson will also feature procedures in dealing with Epson and company information such as advertising guidelines, administration procedures, the latest promotions, press releases, merchandise and more. Resellers will also be able to purchase demo stock through the Channel Site.

How do I communicate with Channel Epson?

If you have a query regarding products, orders, promotions, demo stock or the website itself you can send an email via the Channel Epson internal email system and the appropriate Epson staff member will respond to your query.

Why should I join Channel Epson?

By becoming a member of Channel Epson you will have direct contact with a number of the Epson departments and will be able to interact with the company quickly and efficiently.

You will be the first to know about any Epson developments. For instance, if Epson decides to drop the price on its latest inkjet printer, you will be informed through Epson bulletins and up-to-date price lists and be one of the first to offer the saving to the public.

You will also be able to take advantage of copy, images and logos supplied by Epson for the assembly of catalogues, in-store promotions and website content.

Keeping abreast of all Epson developments will become much easier for Channel Epson members.

Who can become a member?

This is not an end-user site accessible by the public. It is for the exclusive use of Epson resellers, distributors, dealers and retailers of Epson products. Each store owner or manager is encouraged to join the Epson Channel and keep abreast of the latest Epson product and pricing developments.

How do I access the site?

Channel Epson is a site with restricted access and thus, you must be invited to join. Epson has already sent out letters to known Channel associates asking them to confirm their store details on the site. If you have not received a letter and would like to access Channel Epson, then please click here and fill in the registration form. Once we have determined your suitability as a channel member, we will contact you with your login information.

How do I register?

If you have received an invitation letter to join the Channel you may begin the registration procedure immediately.

Your invitation letter contains a unique store ID that allows the Store Owner or authorised Store Manager to confirm the details of your store on the Channel Epson website. Click on the "register now" link in the left hand navigation menu of this site, enter your unique store id and the postcode of your store into the fields provided and click submit.

Ensure that the email address you provide to us is valid, as we will send you an email containing a link and a password to complete your stores registration. Click on the link supplied in the e-mail and enter the password. Once this is completed you can change your password to something more suitable and will have access to the Channel Epson site using your E-mail Address as your login ID.